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Thread: FSUIPC glitch

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    FSUIPC glitch

    Hi guys, I hope someone can help with a small problem I am experiencing, hopefully Peter Dowson can jump in and shed some light for me.
    I have my Single PC PMDG set up running silky smooth on a 2.4Ghz quad core, 8800GTS video and Matrox TH2Go and FSUIPC version 3.4, XP Home edition. I have about 8 saved flights with the PMDG gauges sized and positioned ready to choose from and they all work fine. With the exciting breaking news about FSUIPC version 3.81 allowing control of the PMDG overhead appearing, I couldn't wait to download and install it. However, with the V3.81.dll installed in the module folder all my PMDG gauges will not display, the 2D MCP indicators are all missing too. Putting version 3.4 back in restores the gauges and the sim is all is ok again. Am I missing a step or installing FSUIPC incorrectly? Thanks in advance,

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