Hi folks

I've a question regarding this topic and I just wanted to ask if someone has already set them up, I mean get them working, on the 737NG Overhead Panel!?

I'm using the SYS1 card from FDS to interface my Overhead Panel. I've tried it with the FSUIPC Offsets but as I'm not very familiar with this any help would be appreciated.

I've wired up everything correctly and within Interface IT I can correctly Identify the outputs and they are clearly showing a difference between the dim and the bright state, works all fine so far. But as soon as I toggle a switch within pmSystems, Fuel X-feed for example, the annunciator for the valve goes into the bright state and stays there.
For the ones that don't know the logic, the annunciator is in the bright state when the valve is in transit and as soon it is in its final position the annunciator changes to the dim state.
Although pmSystems shows the correct states my annuciators don't. Can someone who has done this also via Interface IT give me the configuration he has used (FSUIPC Offsets or Internal Variables)??

Thanks in advance
Hope someone can help