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    Message From The Vice President

    Message From The Vice President

    Hello Everyone.

    Due to recent events, I would like to reitterate our forum policies, and procedures.

    I feel it necessary to let everyone know that although we do not allow the standard, flaming, bashing, attacking, of persons, or businesses, we do allow people to describe there experiences in a professional and tactful manor. If a forum moderator or administrator sees something that could have been handled in a more tactful manor, they will possibly do one of the following.

    1. Edit the post and leave no tracks that it was edited to not draw attention to the matter.

    2. Edit the post and leave a reason for editing the post.

    3. Edit/Delete the post and Private message the writer.

    In no way is anyone to take offense to any of these actions, it is only to keep the peace on the site, and as some of you may notice, there have been a couple threads that have gotten off topic, and we want to ensure that we keep our focus.

    If any of you have any comments or questions, I ask that you reply to me in private message format, so that we may explain each question on a case by case basis.

    Best regards,

    Trevor Hale
    Vice President / Administrative Director
    MyCockpit, Inc.

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    Trevor Hale

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