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    Outside Visualization Plan


    We have started some testing of the outside visualization. We plan on using a simple and stable model with no restrictions concerning AI-traffic and weather. A couple of days ago we did some testing using two projectors (3/4 ratio to maintain some hight to our screen) from one graphic card. Actually I was impressed by the broad horizon we got and I saw no decrease in performance. Zoom factor set to 0.50 seemed suitable and there was no disturbing distortion in the screen.

    See enclosed pictures on how we plan to build the surrounding structures and the slightly curved endings of the LARGE screen.

    The only negative thing is the lack of side projection but........
    ....sometimes less is more........or Iīm I wrong........... There are limitiations in the wide view setup concerning AI traffic and weather ( at least in FS9).
    Wide traffic is working in FSX only I think.

    Does anyone use the same set up as we plan? and are you satisfied with such a setup??

    Any comments or suggestions?

    I know this is a very subjective matter!!

    I have have flown a lot in a simulator with wide view installed and 3 projectors. Itīs very nice but the system is a bit unstable and I do miss other airplanes and clouds.


    / Per Alm
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