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    Aren't we adults?

    Ok guys first off you have a profanity eliminator in place in these forums which I completely agree with so instead it blanks out the bad words that may be offensive to other people, and as stated I am 100% behind that. But to actually go into peoples posts and take out what you want and leave what you want when it is not derrogatory to anyone , not racist or slanderous last I checked I fought for the right for people to live in a free society as under the Free speech ammendment, which pretty much every major country in the world has adopted. Yet you remove small joking statements which make this place a much funner place to visit and encourages others to enjoy the humor in this hobby? Whats with the harsh censorship thats a bit much!And please answer the question and dont erase this message or parts of it just because you can.


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    Hey Tim,

    I didn't mean to offend you. I apologize if thats what I did. I just don't want to scare off a new member because they ask a question that is maybe easy for some of us to answer. Your response to the individual asking about the text in the eicas, although very funny, may make the guy feel a little intimidated.

    Sorry if I offended you, I should have left a reason for editing the post, but I figured that nobody would notice. and there was no reason to draw attention to it. I will add the reason why I edited it now, so I guess I just don't want to see someone feel bad for asking a question. No harm no foul.

    Trevor Hale

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    The way in which I worded the response was apparent to anyone reading it that it was a Joke and it was even emphasised it was a joke. When you made the statement that the guy may read it that way in your opinion automatically says that everything written has to be funny to you or its not a joke or has to be up to your standard of response or its not acceptable. Trev my friend that is why we fight wars for freedom the right to free speech not so someone can determine whats free and whats not. As clearly stated blatent racism, degredation, profanity or death threats etc are certainly not acceptable by any standards and these lines must be drawn, but to censor these things I wrote to lighten the mood abit and have a little fun for those who read it at noones expense is way over the top my friend seriously. Last I checked Trev the 1st ammendment of the USA and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada protected those rights. I understand your reasons Trev and motivation but that doesn't make the actions right when no clear violation has been committed except by your personal interpretation.