First of all I wish happy Easter to all of you.
Still I`m new here and therefore I`m trying to get contact by this forum. Later I will post in the appropriate. I`m still on my way with the Simparts TQ and I`m overdue to show you photos. For all of you, who do intend to buy: Go for it, it is great ! Another question is, that I`m still around with the 737 PIC where I manage the 737-500, but I want to upgrade to NG with my Go-Flight Equip still running. There are actually some conflicts with variables getting access to my GF-Efis. Even there is nothing happening when I put in the rotary for DH, I can change by the virtual on the Cockpit EFIS, when I logg the variables with FSUIPC, it is the 66321 and 66322, but when I assign via the GF-Keymapper into FSUIPC nothing happens. So to say, I want to upgrade, and there are PMDG (Precision Manuals) and Project MAgenta. From PMDG I heard, that I have to buy the access Keys for GoFlight MCP Pro and so on. With Project Magenta I`m afraid that I have to buy too many Subsystems, although I would prefer. How is the overall quality of both ? Please state honestly, I thank you all in advance.

Alex from Berlin