I will put up a set of Airbus A320 manuals in immaculate for sale on e-bay this coming friday (15th Feb). Will post the link when I put it up.

No reserve price, starting at 70 pounds.

Contains :

VOL 1 - Systems
VOL 3 - Operating procedures/ limitations/abnormals etc.
VOL 4 - FMGC users guide
QRH - Used, but in good condition
Winter brief - a good guide for winter operations
Panel scan flow booklet A 4 size, very handy when new to Airbus.

And also some charts & approach booklets for free.

VOL 2 does not get issued to pilots but I can send you the electronic format for A319 (not a huge difference from the 320), or alternatively I can print it out for you in A4 size but will need to charge for that and extra postage costs.

Take Care,