Hello Friends!

As some of you know me and a couple of friends work on a learjet 45 simulator cockpit. We use the excellent SimBoards as interface!!

Iīve been testing our autopilot for a while now and there is a couple of problems for us to solve. The most important beeing a major problem with negative values of vertical speed, during descent . We canīt control vertical speed during descent - when climbing (positive values) there is no problem.

During descent we can rotate the knob to get a negative value lets say -1800 or -2000, very random actually but we canīt adjust this any further. We just end up with -5000 in vertical speed, if we turn the knob again in any direction. I read one thread at mycockpit.org that some other builders had a similar problem with "levelchange" in boeing 737 setup getting level change values around 6000.....pretty steep climb a guess. (I donīt think they used SimBoards!!)

Does anyone recognize our problem with vertical speed and negative values ??

Any solution?

Regards / Per Alm