Sismo (

MyCockpit and all members welcome Sismo ( as a new sponsor and supporter of our web-site, so our fellow Flight-Sim Builders can continue to help each other with new products and opportunities.

I asked Alberto Moya, Co-Owner and Managing Director (CEO) to tell us about his company and what Sismo has to offer:

We are a Spanish company based in southern Spain. Our business involves building simulators both for the home and professional market. Currently we are focusing on the Boeing 737NG. The aim of the company is to provide a complete solution for the 737Ng flight deck, as close to an operational aircraft as you can get. We are manufacturers, the Simulators we build are created using the latest technology machines to build the frame, it is then powder coated and assembled. The control panels are made and engraved in house using laser technology.
We are not only building the simulator frame but we are developing the complete electronics package including MCP, EFIS, Comms, Navs, etc. We are working on all the controls to make the simulator fully functioning including throttle, pedals and yoke.