20 or best offer (send via PM)



These panels are blank desktop aviator panels. These are virtually new. There are two of the casings in the sale. These are brilliant if you own some of desktop aviators panels and want to make some of your own unique ones for a cheap price. These are intended for flight simulator use but nothing stops you using them for anthing else you may need them for! These have the black panel at the front then empty at the back to allow you to add in electronics, and buttons etc to your needs. just drill the holes and add the switches and buttons!!!

I bought this panel from desktop aviator themselves then took out what i needed and can sell the case. I have the receipt which i will include with the sale. The panels (not blank) retail for around 60 each and here are two blanks so the potential here is great. especially because desktop avaitor have a relativly limited range you can make any panel you want..... landing gear, lights, engines,........ the list is endless.

On each panel front there is a very small hole where formerly the wire to USB went but that has been taken out and now leaves a 4mm hole. this can easilly be covered with a sticker etc.

all that needs to be done here is the electronics to be added and holes in the faceplate to be drilled to fit them and then add your white lettering on the facepanel printed off from the computer and there you have it.

If needed i will include printed labels in white lettering for you, made from my laser printer and printed onto high quality glossy self adhesive paper to stick on with the product. I will print one A4 sheet so you give me the sizes and words and i will include that in the sale FREE.

This is a very rare opportunity to aquire this material and desktop avaitors products are not avialable to buy new from the UK and have to be shipped from america.

Great for home flight simulator enthusiasts/ constructors.

And if there are any more questions i would be delighted to help.
Kind regards.