NEW ADDITION - IFSBI is pleased to announce an addition to our Team Leader Staff. Please welcome Kester Meijer, Vice-President Public Relations. We've asked Kester to tell us a little about himself:

Please let me introduce myself as a lifelong aviation enthusiast and a builder of a 737NG simpit. Browsing the web, looking at your stories, pictures and other information, I am impressed by each and every one. And without you telling your story and publishing your experiences, I would still be flying on a single screen PC. So "sharing" is the name of the game and this will enhance the flight experience of each individual. Because of the great opportunity we as builders have with IFSBI, I have decided to share and dedicate my time to support and help build an environment where flight simulation cockpit builders can form a fruitful community. All my experience as a datacenter and helpdesk director [of a major airline] will be put to use in making our hobby more enjoyable.
Kester Meijer