I haven't been on much. Both work and the Sim have kept me busy. I put the cockpit back together in our youngest son's "former" bedroom. Well ok, the wife made me leave a bed and night table in there, in case he comes home to visit. I figured he could just get a hotel..anyway

Tonight I got the three monitors that will make the instrument panel work installed and covered them with the panel overlays. Would you know it, one of the monitors didn't want to work. So, out it came; fiddled with it and got it working. I think all the movement and pinching from mounting it and tightening it down loosen one of the plugs on the PCB. So they are all in and working. The switches and encoders are all wired and waiting to be terminated to the IO cards.

Tomorrow I plan on connecting the axises to the controllers and testing them. I did notice that one of the wires on the yaw pot of the control stick pulled loose and the contact with it.

I guess with all the movement from disassembly, painting and moving into the house the wire got yanked. It would be the worse possible one. I will have to remove the ejection seat, plate steel runners, and floor boards to get to it. The entire control stick assembly will have to come out. Oh well, who said it would be easy. At least the wife is in Philadelphia at a convention. So, I can work without interruptions.

P.S. That me in the reassembled cockpit in my new avatar.