Gradually outgrowing the spare room- so may move to the garage when i get to work on the shell.
Have built the front windows and the glareshield is coming on - be making the glareshield wings next.

As you probably know PMDG doesn't have much in the way of interfacing so have been experimenting with the master caution using a Light dependant resistor attached to part of the screen with the annunciator on- this drives a relay to light my master caution LED- seems to work fairly well although ther is a delay circuit in line which needs a bit of tweaking as can take a couple of seconds to light up..

Also managed to buy a very cheap 4/3 15inch LCD and fits perfectly for my EICAS and standby screen- have the Jayco instruments which someone mentioned on the forum- free and excellent quality if not quite the exact 737 ones!

Anyway- hope you like , early days yet and a big learning curve!