ImmersaView Sol7

*4th January, 2008 – ImmersaView Release Sol7 v0.9 *
ImmersaView are pleased to release the latest version of Sol7, v0.9.
Sol7 is a software tool for geometric correction (warping) and edge
blending of full screen, real-time applications. The software is simply
manipulated through interactive control points, aligning the projected
display to the screen surface. Sol7 corrects imagery for:
- non-planar screen shapes such as curved screens;
- unusual projection angles;
- a seamless image from multiple projectors; and
- any combination of the above.

Sol7 software runs in the background and uses the Graphics Processing
Unit (GPU) to perform the necessary image processing functions. This
means there is no additional hardware involved.

ImmersaView's director and lead developer, Alexander Streit said "We’ve
added new features that make it even easier to use the software and have
increased compatibility with a host of new applications.”

Alexander Streit said that one of the compatible applications is
Microsoft Flight Simulator. “This application is popular among entry
level flight simulators and home enthusiasts. These users have been
missing a solution to immersive displays and we’re excited to be able to
provide Sol7.”

If you would like to obtain a free demo of Sol7, or would like any
further information, then please email us at

To read more about Sol7, please visit us at: