Hello again,

Few questions while trying to program my PM Airbus. I see the PM offset manual
a little bit complex. Why mix Boeing and Airbus in the same manual?
I need help with these variables and bits for my Opencockpits iocards software
(not SIOC)

EFIS : Which variable and bits for ADF/VOR1 and ADF/VOR2
EFIS : Baro variable and right settings?
When I turn baro to right --> 1013 ... 1014 .... 1013 ....1014 ....1013 ...etc
When I turn baro to left --> 1013 ... 1014 .... 1013 ....1014 ....1013 ...etc
I have FDS grey type build-in-push encoder.

FCU : right var and bits for SPD/MACH & METRIC/ALT buttons?

FCU : VERTICAL push and pull button --> positive increase works fine , but
negative will go from 00000 to sixtythousand and something. How to fix negative

Main panel : Which var and bits for Airbus Autobrake LO/MED/MAX ?