Don't get too excited, these really are 'Day 1' pictures - essentially just a bunch of monitors and a 'sidestick' at the moment.


  • Air Sim Tech Airbus Software suite has been despatched from Germany and should be with me by the end of the week.
  • Flight Deck Solutions ELITE main instrument and main front panels are in the post from Ireland.
  • HAGSTROM card and Breakout are in the post. (Thanks Ralph).
  • Left Glare panel orderd and on it's way from Simparts in Germany.
  • All required monitors for Capt PFD/ND, FO PFD/ND and ECAM/SD displays are here and waiting for their new home.
  • Currently part way through plans and drawings for the MIP and Glareshield main structure (MDF).
  • Hope to be ordering the new CP / Engravity FCU soon.

Things in the further distant future:-
  • FDS plug n play MCDU.
  • FDS Pro-M Sidestick.
  • self made MDF pedestal assembly.
  • self made sidestick support assembly (Capt side).
  • Throttle solution (undecided).
  • Seat solution (probably car seats from ebay, mounted to 'wooden box' supports.
  • Pedestal panels and control units. (undecided).