Here's an idea...

Squawkbox4 is apparently imminent (although I'll believe it when I see it ). This will allow us to upgrade to FSX and fly online if we want to (and not be forced to use FSINN). With the software in final stages I was wondering if any bullders here had ideas to add to the 'wish-list'. This would be things that are specific to what builders want.

On the SB site there is already a list of open bugs and feature requests -

I think it's important that we, as a community, put our views and requests forward so that our needs are also catered for. So if you have any please post them here, then one of us could send the developers a combined list.

A couple from me:

1. On some FS9 systems (including mine) use of SB3 will slowly degrade FS framerates over time. After 3-4 hours it becomes quite chronic. Tried everything to fix this to no avail. Other users have also reported this, but it does not happen on all systems.

2. In offset 3110 there is provision for sending a private-channel push-to-talk command to SB3. The values provided to do this do not work.