Hi folks,
I asked PM directly about ongoing/future development on the Airbus PM Suite. Here are some highlights from Jonathan Richardson:
1.- Fly by Wire implementation
We have not made a decision about this. The current FCU Fly by Wire system may be used / further developed. That is entirely up to Enrico but we will discuss the pros and cons of all avenues (and we have to consider FSX & Airbus as well re the changes in the flight model). But that is a very large area of development – no decision at all made on it.
2.- ECAM procedures
Various areas of extended development with the Airbus will happen; it is dependent on our own internal development work to put us into a position to switch a lot of time to Airbus. Right now this is something that is “coming up soon” but there is no specific date. It is simply a matter of finally finding the right time slot to do this.
First the normal stuff needs to work 100% and already work has started in this area, then the abnormal stuff in combination with pmSystems and the instructor will be looked at – but that is a while away. Of course, if you learn how to program logics, you can do all that stuff yourself and don’t have to wait for us…
3.- Sidestick priority handling logics (in a dual seat cockpit, of course).
That is also something we will be looking at.
So good news from PM!