I am down now to just one EFIS/ND problem. I will try to be brief and to the point.

Set up: One main XP server with FS2004 with full Goflight ver 1.77 and PMsounds and using for outside front view. Using all of the latest PM builds and Dowson's ones just to where he switched to FSX (ones that will work with FS2004. Then one PFD ME pc client showing Capt's Horiz and ND, then one MCP ME pc client showing engines and standbys with CPFlight's first made MCP unit going thru this pc. I use a few of Goflight's cir boards mounted on real aircraft panel/mods. I have an EFIS panel using their T-8 board (toggle). All in all everything works fine.

Here is the strange problem. At this point today, I started up the main and the clients and created a brand new flight. Saved everything I wanted to plus went into Dowson's modules to buttons and switches and saved just a few items for the EPIS, checking off PM and FS2004 boxes and then using his pulldown menu.

I then shut down and rebooted just the server and PDF pcs. On the ND in full Map mode, I can adjust the items that I programmed. Range ring and VOR display. No problem. They all work fine.

Now, when I bring on the MCP client with the CPflight MCP, if I hit range ring or any other item that I set, it makes the Map mode switch to the App/Vor! If I then take the keyboard and hit M, the Map mode comes back on, and the items that I had pushed just before the ND switched views, had set and work. It like the selections are working fine, but every time the ND changes to the App/Vor. Same is true if I take the mouse and on the PM MCP display on the MCP client, and change any EFIS item. The ND changes the view.

Can this be from maybe a nav or radio freq off? Or can it be something from CPflight's MCP when it boots up? Or can it be something from PM's MCP/EFIS ini files that needs to be adjusted or turned off.

And though I am using Goflight's boards with USB, that fact, I would think has no bearing. I am going straight thru with Dowson's menu.

Something on the MCP client is conflicting with PM and Dowson.

Any help or ideas to check, would be appreciated.