Hi all,

I bought a Phidgets card 8/8/8, for my 737 TQ. I know some problems :

FS9. FSUIPC 3.75
Phidget librairy: Dll 1.0.6 and COM 2.0.8

1.For to test my card, I installed the V3.22
With Analog Input, I plugged a linear potentiometer , that I tested then with the Flaps, without any problem, with" Engine1_ Throttle_ lever ". I don't manage to calibrate the point 0, that is the IDLE position.

2. Same test with the Version 4.2.3
Since Analog Input, when I want to calibrate my pot
When I click on" configure" a message of mistake appears: "mistake of execution 91"

Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your help