Hi everybody. My name is ōystein, im 22 years old and are planing to build a complete 737ng fligthdeck. Currently im goin to school to be a 2d/3d Cad designer. Before i started on cad-school, i was a seaman, working on a 126 000 ton crudecarrier. But after some time, my girlfriend said im quiting, or she`s gone. So im no longer working as a seaman

I began thinking of building a cockpit around a year ago, and was ony my way to find myself a new place to live. But 5th juli 2006 i was in a carcrash sending me in a 1 year come. So the house me and my girlfriend planed to gett, was sold to some other people wile i was away...

Now im back (not fully, but enough to plan the sim) and are still wery inrterested in aircrafts and simulators I am as we speak working on making a list of parts i need, and writing down the prices so il stay within the budget.

When time comes and know abit more how to use AutoCAD, i will start drawing my simshell based measurements found around the internet.

Well, thats all about me and my life. And im lokking forward to sharing me project whit you guys

See you around