39,848 Miles, 200,000 Gallons of Fuel and 7 Days to do it.
World flight 2007

You might ask, What is world flight?

World Flight is a series of virtual flights around the world with the intention to raise money for charity purposes. Teams offers their cockpits between 5th and 11th of November 2007 to circumnavigate the globe in 45 legs. They are not alone in doing this:

10 teams worldwide are participating the same event. They are raising money for their local charity organizations (see list below).

These flights will be conducted in real time "online" with the VATSIM network(add link). VATSIM brings real people together who share their passion for flight and air traffic control. When you contact that controller or pilot, you aren't contacting a computer generated voice or image - you will be communicating with a real person who shares the same interests as you! Pilots will see other aircrafts, and the virtual air traffic controllers will see the aircraft on their radar scopes like in the real world of aviation!

Support the Teams and donate to them. follow along with google earth

Want to fly along with them, look in the download section for flight Information and times.

World flight Austria
Proudly Supports Christophorus Flugrettungsverein

World flight Australia #1
Proudly Supports Royal Flying Doctor Service

World flight Australia #2
Proudly Supports Royal Flying Doctor Service

World Flight Canada #1
Proudly Supports WorldVision.

World Flight Scotland
Proudly Supports ORBIS flying eye hospital

World Flight UK #1
Proudly Supports Dreamflight.

UK World Flight #2
Proudly Supports Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance

Simfest UK #3
Proudly Supports Cancer Research UK

World Flight USA
Proudly Supports ORBIS International

* World Flight Canada #2
Proudly Supports Toronto Hospital For Sick Children Foundation's