Dangling between two places I have loved aviation since I was a kid. When I was 13 I kidnapped my father's aviation school book which was in English (not my native tongue) and tried to figure out things on my own. After some time I was already making aviation calculations.

Also did R/C modelling although nowadays that I am into simflight I don't find R/C that exciting anymore.

On the sim I have both FS9 and FSX. Love the FSX eye candy but find it very crappy and unstable to use for serious flying so I mostly use FS9 for flying online (then I know it won't crash in the middle of the flight).

My preferred aircraft are medium to big turbo props such as the Fokker 27/50, Saab 2000, Embraer 120, Antonov 24. But most of the times I can be found online flying bigger aircrafts, my favourites being Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 767 (never liked Airbus cockpit, looks so empty). Also like the Embraer 190, CRJ-200.

I now want to start building my home cockpit little by little, Not all of it because I still live in a rental apartment. As for which one to build the decision is hard. But I guess it is most likely to be a Boeing 737-800 because

a) I fly this one the most
b) Sim parts seem to be easy to find for this model