UPDATE, hold the presses,
Hi there,

Well I feel like a fool. I was reading some guys post somewhere and he had the same problem and then he realized that his settings were for the F/O side. Well I went into the PFD menu and did not see any real F/O setting, but did see this one called Captain Display. I checked it and guess what, EFIS works on Capt's side now from either GoFlight or FSUIPC.

Funny how its the little things that escape all of our thoughts.

One thing that I do notice with GoFLight remote is how unstable it is when now setting EFIS stuff with those P8 and T8 boards. And for some reason the 45s disappeared all together. I will play around now with plugging them into the main server and try to see how it programs with FSUIPC instead.

Got to get a way from Goflight.


(this below is an e mail sent to PM support cause I just can't get PM's EFIS to work and thats after taking PMs suggestion to take off all hardware and just fly software only)


I just took off every hardware item, including CPFlight's MCP. Axis pots and controls and all add on mods - I was flying with only the mouse (actually not getting off the ground) AND nothing good to report.

Just bringing up the main view and its default panel (if I wanted it) and the 2 clients, Capts PM and Engine/MCP PM, I was able to hit various PM MCP items and they would work in the ND or PFD and on the games default (737-400 or an add on 737-700). I noticed that on the defaults MCP display though its MCP values would match the PM's MCP values, sometimes they were slow in coming. Seemed like working PM's MCP made items move faster on the default MCP than the other way around. Some like the ALT Hold setting did not even move at all on the default when I move it on the PM MCP, then sometimes it would reset to what PM-MCP was. Of course, no EFIS items were moving at all from the PM MCP/EFIS panels. Nothing. The range ring knob would turn, but nothing happening on the Capt side displays.

Axis stuff could be made to work with mouse thru the icon on the default glare shield as well as radios and other items, many displaying in the right PM displays.

So that's where I am. Just software and just can' t get that PM-EFIS items to work.

What should I check? What files can I look at? Do you think that I should get another copy now of the PFD Glass exe?