A long shot in the dark but maybe someone could help me.

I am using FS Communicator for my FBW. I have managed successfully to configure it so I can change sidestick priority. This was easily done in the software by using two buttons from one of the two connected joysticks (routed to connect to the sidestick priority buttons on the glare). See page 19 of 22 of the FS-Communicator (Analog Channel Processing with FS-Communicator) manual.

On the same page it gives 'Qproc' numbers for the takeover leds. I realise that the software was written with EPIC users in mind. I am just wondering whether it is possible, and if so how, to send these led outputs to an interface card. I am assuming that somehow it has to be 'given' to an FSUIPC offset so that an interface card can read the state change.

Anybody got any ideas?


Darren Sugden