I'm running FSX with TH2GO Digital and three 22" LCD monitors. I am experiencing some intermittent graphic anomalies and wondered if anyone had seen something similar. Occasionally the scenery and the interior of the cockpit in VC mode will suddenly go out of focus. I don't believe this is the dreaded "blurries" as I understand it. The problem is temporarily resolved by hitting escape and then continue. (Note that the distorted image includes distorting the text on the in flight (alt key) menu as well) My guess is that my video card is simply unable to keep up with the rendering demand of displaying 3072 X 768 as this did not occur with a single display (Video card is an NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS with 256 MB, Processor is AMD Athlon 64FX-53 2.5GHz, 2 gig RAM).

I have tried tweaking the settings down considerably and I also did a full system DEFRAG, but the problem still persists. Occasionally I also see slow downs in frame rate to near slide show levels on final (even at small airports where there isn't any traffic).

I suspect that the answer is that I need a faster system with technology not yet invented, but I was hoping that someone might have a strategy short of buy new machine to fix this... and no, reinstalling FS9 is not an option as I gave it to my nephew!

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.