Hello everyone and welcome to IFSBI. We hope you will enjoy your visit. We are here to provide a place for cockpit builders to get together and share.
First off lets not prejudge what a cockpit builder is! At one time we all started with a computer 1 monitor and a joystick. We sat in front of the thing and said “ how do you do this?” And after many hours, and I am sure more then just myself at one point gave up, you started to be able to fly. So if you have this kind of setup and you think of yourself as a builder then you are!
Our idea at IFSBI was to have a place where beginner or advanced builder can come and find ideas, pointers and inspiration to help build or fly there cockpits.
Please feel free to use the forums to post questions, ideas and helpful hints. If you found something helpful probably another builder will as well. Also use the gallery to post pictures of your project. This will be great for guys without a web site. No maintenance and a place to show off your work.
Again we encourage you to come back and make this “your” community. We look forward to hearing from all of you.