• News from PMDG

    Robert S. Randazzo of PMDG has announced that shortly PMDG will be releasing a new product title PMDG 747-400X -8i Product Model Extension.

    The products was Built using the latest modeling techniques with technical input from Boeing, the PMDG 747-400X -8i/F Product Model Extension will allow users to experience the 747-8i in incredibly vivid detail. HD texturing of the external model, transparent cabin windows, complex internal and external lighting, fully 3D turbofan and engine components, updated landing gear, wing flex, redesigned flight controls and flaps are just some of the details we have packed into this new visual model.

    The PMDG 747-400X -8i/F Product Model Extension also will be providing a new, ground-up sound set so users can experience the amazing audio experience of the new GENX engines mounted under-wing.

    You can catch some video previews of this new product from PMDG's You Tube Channel.

    PMDG, has also announced indicated dates for release of PMDG 737-NGX, PMDG Bombardier Dash-8 and PMDG 777.

    You catch more on PMDG's Forum.