• GLB Flight Products releases Full Boeing Overhead

    Those of you who remember the launch release last year will know GLB Flight Products some of you better than others. The question is... have you been visiting regularly? There has been some excellent bargains, as many will vouch for me here but now is the time for one of our largest products to be added as a permanent product line at GLB Flight Products from www.geremy.co.uk

    http://mycockpit.org/geremy/untitled 136.JPG

    It is our pleasure at GLB Flight Products to continue our mission to provide flight simulator builders with the mix for quality parts at excellent value. With the introduction of the full Boeing 737NG overhead panel you'll be able to have the full fwd and aft overhead with electronics, annunciators and much more for around 50% less than most places elsewhere! Maybe you want to build bits at a time, buy the panels now, knobs later and switches later still. No problem! We understand however you wish to build your flight simulator - and we would like to be at the forefront of your mind when deciding to embark on your overhead project.

    Our overhead allows people to gain the quality simparts they desire and possibly a product they thought was outside of their reach due to financial constraints, and at last i can present a budget overhead more affordable for this market. The overhead looks excellent when backlit and i encourage you to visit us to see the overhead in more depth. We also supply the electronics kit for the overhead too.

    If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me here or through GLB Flight Products.

    Best Regards,
    GLB Flight Products