• About Us

    The MyCockpit philosophy is and has always been intended to pair the professional aviation world and those that have a general love for aviation.

    It is our vision, that the MyCockpit brand will eventually be internationally recognized as the single most sought after brand when searching for information related to the aviation industry.

    Primarily MyCockpit was intended to act as a liaison between the professional aviation world and aviation enthusiasts world wide. Where by creating multiple world-wide central meeting points or web sites for everyone involved in aviation or having a love for aviation, to meet and share their ideas and experiences.

    In order to accomplish the tasks, we have enlisted professional and courteous staffing. By utilizing our competent staff to it's full potential we have built a strong foundation to meet if not exceed our goals. To date we have already accomplished much of the following. Created a constantly growing database of downloadable files, created a growing resource library of aviation video's, built a 30,000+ thread message forum where people can meet and share idea's, we provide feedback and new product reviews, aviation industry news and much much more.

    By combining our trusted MyCockpit brand with the information and services that aviation enthusiasts require, we separate ourselves in this industry. MyCockpit, Inc. welcomes all members of the aviation or simulation community. We encourage all enthusiasts to get involved as we feel this is the best way to enhance our experiences. We at MyCockpit feel strongly that It shouldn't matter if you are an Astronaut, Airline Pilot, Recreational Pilot, Radio Control Pilot, or even a Simulator Builder (Hobby or Professional). What should be important, is that we all have a love for aviation. Please remember, that it is MyCockpit's primary focus to maintain the bridge that binds the users of our sites closer together so we may share all of our knowledge and experiences.

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to globally unite aviation enthusiasts through collaborative sharing of knowledge, ideas, and product development by amateurs and profesionals to maintain all aspects of aviation as an enjoyable hobby.