• Fit engravity large toggle caps on large switches

    Tutorial Presented by Member Ivar Hestnes

    Ivar Hestnes, delivers another useful tip. If you have struggled to fit the engravity toggle cap over large swtiches. Then this tutorial is just for you.

    I have just installed the engravity toggle caps which are originally intended to use on 3mm shaft. Since all my switches are 6mm shaft, I wanted to install these without a mess of glue.

    First I attached the aluminium pieces in a lathe, and drilled a 6mm hole. I used a piece of tape on the bore, so each piece would get the same lenght of the hole. You want to use a lathe for drilling this hole bigger, since the aluminium walls only will be 0,5mm thick after this process. No hand drilling

    Then I installed shrink tube and heated it around the knob shaft. Some experimentation needed to find the right "spot" on the shaft.

    Then grab the shrinked shrink tube with a plier, and start screw the aluminium piece into the shaft. Some force is required. If it go too easy into place, you might need to install the shrink tube again, a little closer to the shafts end.

    If you got your shrink tube in the correct location, the aluminium piece get really stuck. And without the mess of using glue.

    Use a knife to remove the rest of the shrink tube that is visible

    And the result is a much more realistic overhead