• NEWS RELEASE - GLB Flight Products

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    NEWS RELEASE - GLB Flight Products

    Reported by Geremy Britton, GLB Flight Products

    GLB Flight Products is proud to be the first vendor to announce a new charitable scheme to support MyCockpit.org. Until the end of February we are giving 5% of each purchase YOU make with GLB Flight Products back to MyCockpit.org!

    All You need to do is write: ''MYCOCKPIT.ORG CUSTOMER'' in the customer comments section when you pay for your items. This will ensure 5% is donated back here.
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    As you will all know MyCockpit.org needs essential funding to continue operations and we feel with your support in buying parts for your own flight simulator cockpits at GLB Flight Products, you can in turn help the very resource you rely upon to build your cockpits every day.

    Besides if you have more simparts, you can post more news and progress pictures in these forums ... What's not to like!

    We strongly recommend you browse our site as we cater for everyone! If you're looking for new simparts for Boeing, Airbus, GA aircraft and military aircraft, even real aircraft parts or second hand parts & software - GLB Flight Products is the place to be. And of course we provide all this at some of the best value for money available.

    Here's a selection of some of the newest products added to our range: www.geremy.co.uk