• NEWS RELEASE - AVioSim Launhes New Webshop

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    NEWS RELEASE - AVioSim Launhes New Webshop

    Damien van der Aart from AVioSim reports the following:

    Today Aviosim launched her new webshop which you can reach by going to http://www.aviosim.org/webshop

    In this webshop you will be able to see two different manufactures. So far only the items of Sismo Soluciones could be ordered through our webshop with a little discount thanks to our special agreement with Sismo Soluciones (www.sismo-soluciones.com) They offer really high quality (but fair priced) products for your home cockpit! Most of the plug and fly modules are available in three different lines (Goldline, Blueline and Silverline) all having their own special features. Because of this unique structure Sismo fits to all kind of budgets. So with our attractive prices we can bring your homecockpit closer to your house or office.

    Within the next we also expect to add Simworld Poland (www.simworld.pl) as our partner selling their products in the Netherlands like we do for Sismo.

    I would like to invite you on our webshop and just click your way around! Any questions? You may:
    • Send us an email (sales@aviosim.org)
    • Contact us through twitter or facebook (@aviosimOrg for the tweeters)
    • Click the live support button on the www.aviosim.org homepage where we will try to have some volunteers online as much as possible. Online support offline? You can leave a message and one of our operators will get in touch with you!