• NEWS RELEASE - ProSim737 V1.00 Released

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    NEWS RELEASE - ProSim737 V1.00 Released

    ProSim737 V1.00 released

    After five years of development and a lengthy beta test, ProSim737 has released its first official version of its glass cockpit suite. ProSim737 is a complete package targeted at cockpit builders and contains all the software they need to simulate a fully functional cockpit.

    Extensive driver support ensures that builders are free to choose the hardware that fits their needs best, without worrying about compatibility. Easy set up and configuration makes the suite accessible to the less tech savvy builders.

    The suite consists of six individual modules. The basis is the ProSim737 systems simulation module in which the different systems like the electrical and pneumatic are modeled. It also contains an instructor station which can be used to simulate all kinds of errors. The systems simulation module is free for non-commercial use. It can be used in combination with the other ProSim737 modules and itís also designed to flawless integrate in other suites.

    The other modules offered are ProSim737 Display, MCP, CDU, Audio and Panel. Detailed product information can be found on the ProSim737 website.

    Together with Revolution Simproducts, ProSim737 just released their highly tuned Jetstream Advanced Flight Model that was specifically designed for use in cockpits. No more fiddling with Flight Simulator aircraft files is necessary. The Jetstream model is probably the most realistic plane available when it comes down to the dynamics and handling.

    ProSim737 is already running in hundreds of home cockpits and multiple professional training facilities. Their forum is a rapidly growing community of enthusiastic users who interact and help each other. It contains loads of technical information and is the source for news on ProSim737 development.

    For non-commercial applications the complete suite is available in the ProSim737 web store at the friendly price of Euro 300,= excluding VAT. To serve the professional market, ProSim737 and Revolution Simproducts joined forces. They combine the best of both worlds and have a solution for every situation, from separate parts to full motion simulators.

    Giving it a try is risk-free, the full suite is available for download at the ProSim737 website and can be evaluated until January 1st 2012 free of charge.

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