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    Ultimate Airline Crew

    Ultimate Airline Crew software will add cabin and cockpit crew for your flights. You will be able to hear the crew making all announcements to your passengers during the entire flight and also hear the crew from the cabin making announcements to your cabin crew and announce flight briefing to your passengers.
    It is the most complete software for Airline announcements as it uses all and most current announcements used by the biggest Airlines worldwide.

    What makes this software unique is the ability to choose who will make each announcement. You can choose between first crew assistance and second crew assistance for the cabin announcements and between Captain and Co-Pilot for the Cockpit ones.

    Each of the four persons can speak up to seven (7) different languages. You can choose between US English, UK English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Arabic.

    And the most important is that each language has different people to choose and also how slow or quickly can talk. In fact, you can create your crew with more than 38 different persons to choose.

    Ultimate Airline Crew will work with any kind of aircraft. Simply, there is no limitation.

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