• Laminar Research Releases X-Plane 10

    http://www.mycockpit.org/advertising...X-Plane-10.pngLaminar Research Releases X-Plane 10
    Laminar Research is pleased to announce the availability of X-Plane 10, Laminar Research's long-awaited evolution of the popular flight simulator, X-Plane 9. The retail license (ships on 8 DL DVDs) for X-Plane 10 is $80.00 and you will need (1) set of DVDs for each machine you would like to run X-Plane 10 on.

    Order X-Plane 10 HERE

    There is also an "X-Plane 10 Pro" key which will unlock the Professional features, including:-The Commercial Use License for authorized use outside your Home or Office and for Commercial Use (any use other then for your own personal enjoyment or need).-Internal frame-rate and hardware continuity and calibration checks, both required by the FAA for Certification.-The ability to tie-in and drive real Garmin 400 / 500 and 1000 series hardware.-The ability to project images on Cylindrical or Spherical screens.

    The V10 Pro keys are $750 each and you will need one key per machine that you wish to run X-Plane 10 Pro on. Be advised that there is no data on this key, so you will still require (1) set of X-Plane 10 DVDs to install X-Plane from, and then one USB Pro key for each machine.

    Orders can be placed immediately and will ship approximately December 10th - 15th, 2011. If interested in ordering please advise your name, shipping address and phone number (for the shipper) and I'll be happy to send you an electronic invoice to make this easy, as you can just click "Pay Now".