• Lekseecon version 8.1 released

    Nico released version 8.1 of Lekseecon , with some minor improvements:

    • Bug in closing the lekseecon window, if Flight Simulator is not running, fixed;
    • Lekseecon will first connect to the Level-D SDK and then to SIOC (reverse from what it did sofar). If connecting to the SDK is not successful an error message (#25) will occur. You have to run MS Flight Simulator with a Level-D 767 flight first, followed by SIOC, before you can start lekseecon;
    • More information added to the main window of lekseecon;
    • Removed the Error Pop Up windows; error messages will now show in the footer part of the main window.
    • Error messages renumbered more logically;
    Get it here.