• Builder of the Month - Is Back Soon !

    http://mycockpit.org/BOM/BLANK-BOM.pngMany of you may be asking yourselves... where oh where has our prided Builder of the Month award gone. And you're absolutely right to be asking that question. We have agreed on a revamp of the prestigious exclusive MyCockpit 'Builder of the Month' award. Where the simbuilder we feel has excelled the most this month gets recognition in the form of a virtual trophy and honoured for that month.

    We're proposing the new structure to be as follows:

    Staff will select several candidates we feel are elegible for the nomination of being the 'BOM' From there we will put a poll on the homepage so each member that visits mycockpit can view each members progress and pictures and contribute their opinion. Of course the person who receives the highest number of votes will win the award and we will conduct an interview and carry out the press release on the front page that we have all missed over the last few months.

    We feel this gives all our members here much more contribution to the website, allows you to voice your own thoughts and overall decide the winner of the award. We will also hope to see self nominations and members electing others if they see something worthy of recognition through the BOM award.

    We hope you feel this is a step forward in terms of bringing back our Builder of the Month award and i'm sure i'm not the only one who will welcome it back!

    If anyone has any thoughts and opinions to add in please contact us or post here, otherwise we will look to start the poll for next month, allowing around 2 weeks for votes to be cast with the remaining 2 weeks of June dedicated to putting together the interview for release in July. We are probably aiming to have the award Bi-Monthly. For instance a poll and interview process taking 1 month with the Builder of the Month interivew released for the second month.

    All the best
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