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    You've built the ultimate home cockpit, now how do you get from point A to point B? Sectional charts, IFR plates and terminal procedures clutter your virtual cockpit. ATC clears you for the ILS approach, but its not the one you had planned. How do you react without pressing the "pause" key? Finding the right information can literally be at your fingertips with Premiere Aviation Apps from Inquisitive Graphics.

    Premiere IFR is a powerful application designed for Part 91 pilots to display IFR procedures and airport diagrams as well as other important information.

    The user interface was designed from the ground up to be simple to use for pilots when they need it most—when they are flying. Unlike other navigation apps, Premiere IFR allows pilots to set up their tabs up before a flight and eliminate the risk of fumbling for the right information in flight. This allows pilots get the data they need in a safe and efficient way.


    • Purchase, download and view nearly 200 high definition IFR and VFR charts, including all IFR en route charts, IFR Area charts, Atlantic and Pacific IFR Planning Charts; All Terminals, Sectionals, FLY and Helicopter charts for the U.S., Alaska and Caribbean.
    • Free access to more than 15,000 up-to-date United States terminal procedures, which are high resolution and updated every 28 days.
    • Save procedures by state, by airport or individually.
    • Interface features a tab-based format, which simulates an actual kneeboard of terminal procedures. Pre-load your plates into one of 21 tabs (divided into Departure, Arrival and Alternate sections) then easily switch between them as you need them.
    • Tabs retain their state even when you leave the app.
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    • Sort Procedures by SID, STAR, IAP or OTHER.
    • Easily save and load sets of charts for routes you fly regularly.
    • Easily rotate plates.
    • Application automatically detects a new procedure cycle every 28 days and notifies you to download the latest version. Once the database is downloaded, a press of a button starts the automated process of updating all procedures already saved to your device.
    • All Take Off Minimums and Obstacle Departure Procedures, Alternate Minimums, Radar Minimums, Hot Spot and LAHSO publications included and updated every 28 days.
    • Legend, General Information, Climb and Descent Table, Inop. Components, Terms/Landing Minima Data and MLS Frequency Pairing documents.
    • Aviation Circulars AC91-78 and AC120-76A included (regarding the use of Electronic Flight Bags) for reference.
    • Zulu clock
    • Event Stopwatch (keeps running when you leave the application).
    • Take notes or jot information in the provided Notepad. Contents of notepad retained even when you leave the app.
    • Display TAFs and METARs.
    • Keep a list of favorite airports that automatically download TAFs and METARs every five minutes.
    • Access to almost 300 current weather maps and images.

    Please ensure you are completely familiar with the regulations associated with the use of Electronic Flight Bags prior to use. These can be found in Advisory Circulars AC91-78 and AC120-76A, which are available on the Internet or included in the application.
    IFR and VFR Charts are priced as follows:
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    Sectionals: $4.99
    Helicopter: $3.99
    Terminals: $2.99
    All IFR Charts: $1.99
    FLY Charts: $.99

    Visit the website at www.inquisitivegraphics.com