NTHUSIM 3.0 is here
    That makes it one year since we publicly launched NTHUSIM!

    Clearly this means we have to launch the next generation of NTHUSIM today.

    So what's new with this fancy NTHUSIM version then anyway?

    1. A little thing called edge blending.
    2. A big thing called new user interface.
    3. A simple thing called a new configuration style.
    4. A great thing that lets you choose which display is projected
    5. The usual dose of fixes and improvements!

    Edge Blending - now in Plus edition!

    You asked for it, you waited for it, now you've got it!

    We've been working on the most intuitive and easy to use edge blending system possible. We've been through many iterations and combinations. Finally, after a long research endeavor, we have developed a novel approach that we think works best... And we can't wait to share it with you!

    How does it work?

    First you have to overlap your projectors. NTHUSIM will show you which parts need to overlap.
    Align the grid as per normal, remembering that the blended areas will be overlapping.
    Use the mouse scroll wheel to choose the blending profile that best matches your projectors. We recommend using profile 0 until you have the grid aligned!
    You could say it's just a three step process. How easy is that?

    New User Interface

    We changed the web page theme, so naturally we have to change NTHUSIM itself. It's only logical.

    What's new?

    News is delivered directly to NTHUSIM! Now you can stay on top of what is going on.
    You can connect to the NTHUSIM community by clicking the community button.
    The activation button is gone - click on the user name below the community button to launch the activation.
    There is now a minimize button, just to make it easier.
    On the web pages we've made some changes too, including:

    News - get the latest news in a fancy blog style at nthusim.com/news.
    Community - wiki, forums, setups, it's all in the community.
    Your user page - now packed with useful information about the latest downloads and posts and messages.

    A New Configuration Style

    Did you know you can press space bar to switch between different patterns?

    And don't forget, you can also press Ctrl-Z to undo.

    There are also some new changes:

    The control points are clear in the center, so you can see what you are aligning. Simple, yet so effective.
    The grid resolution applies equally across the projectors.

    Which Display is Projected

    Say you didn't want your primary display to be the projected one. Too easy! Now NTHUSIM will let you configure whichever display you want for your projectors. Just move the NTHUSIM window to the projected display and then hit the configure button. It will now use that display as the projected display. Magic!

    Fixes and Improvements

    There are always improvements with every release!

    Stereoscopic Player works fullscreen with multiple projectors.
    Fixed graphical glitches in FSX, such as flashes when pressing Shift-E
    USB network adapters can be removed after activating without confusing NTHUSIM.
    And more...


    Shape NTHUSIM to be the way you want it and participate in the next-gen forum!


    The Plus edition supports multiple projectors. Download Plus edition (1 MB).

    The Standard edition supports a single projector. Download Standard edition (1 MB).

    NTHUSIM software will run in demo mode until activated. Log in to view your activations.

    Visit our Web Site at www.NTHUSIM.com for more information.