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    Flightdeck Solutions, Ltd Launches FDS-A320-FBPT-ADV

    Wanted to share a few pictures from the new A320-FBPT-ADV that was recently completed and Steve Cos installed in Chile last week.
    This is the second device for our customer. The first was approved to LEVEL 3 using AST software and as such is able to be used for certificated training. We understand this is FNPT2/MCC level in terms of the device.
    The A320-FBPT-ADV in the images attached is being used with ECA-FAROS software. We are expecting
    This unit to see certification by the end of Spring. It will be “Type Specific” and the first FDS unit that will qualify for “Type Ratings”.
    This is a huge step as you can imagine for FDS and our small but growing Industry.The Avionics software is supplied by a French Company that manufactures FTDs and Touch Screen Devices. The Software and integration/certification costs are not within range of our enthusiast customers but certainly open the door for lower cost “Full Tactile Trainers” that can be approved.
    Part of this higher cost is the Aircraft Data Pack (aircraft performance data) as well as the Licensing and integration costs.
    Pilots would be very pleased to have actual hardware to use during training.

    Some of the new items we developed for this unit include:

    • Functional Pull Out Shelf Units
    • New MIP (LCD Display Format)
    • Functional Brake Pressure Gauge
    • Functional Clock
    • New RNP/MAG/TERR on ND Panel
    • New Landing Gear Panel with RED Insert
    • New ECAM SELECT Panel (new switches, better illumination, Metal Bezel, USB PnP etc)
    • New Motorized Trim Devices (Thrust Levers)
    • New Flap Unit (Raised section now in place, revising the Flap handle to better replicate)
    • Functional Gravity Gear Drop Mechanism
    • New WX Panel (newer format)
    • Fully Functional RMPs (Not shown in pictures)
    • Fully Functional ACPs (Not shown in pictures)
    • New XPNDR (more functions, newest variant)
    • New Rudder Pedals (New Cover, Added Gauge for adjustment #, Below Floor, ability to certify forces)
    • New Sidesticks (Auto Pilot Lock Function Added, new mechanism with ability to certify forces)
    • New Steering Tiller with functional “Release switch and new IBL Panel
    • New Side Stick Stand (Metal, Powder coated, new “angled stand” for Sidesticks)
    • New Aft Storage Bins (All metal, Powder coated, Lids etc)
    • New Functional Compass
    • Fully Functional Over CB Panel. (Functional CBs installed and interfaced)
    • New Format Primary Overhead (ADIRS Panel updated to the new version , similar to the A330 now)
    • New Airbus FONT
    • New IBL placement for improved Green Synoptic Line backlight

    We wanted to also present the A320-FBPT-ADV “Panoramic” picture.

    There are a few items in this shot that are actually not the final items but it gives a great overview of the device and all the refinements.
    Many you can see.
    The RMP/ACP/ECAM SELECT/Clock all have to be installed at the customer end. We will get pictures of these upgraded items shortly.

    The plan is to have two FBPTs for the A320.
    One that is focused on Enthusiast/Entertainment PRO (our “FBPT”) as well as the ADV version which is targeted to our PRO customers that are aiming to certification.

    Everyone here from Shawn and Pedro on the design side, Jeff, Bill, Hassan, Farad on the assembly side, Steve, Sebastian and Cristan on overseeing etc. Huge effort and results that show some amazing teamwork.
    None of this went perfectly as you can imagine but looking at the list of items that were redeveloped or designed as new... super amazing given the time lines and goals.
    Thanks to everyone for the huge effort and push.
    Peter Cos

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