• Interview with Sismo Soluciones

    We have great pleasure in introducing to you our new sponsor Sismo Soluciones . We had a chance to interview them and find out more details about the Company and its products.

    What made you decide to start up your company?

    At the beginning of Sismo Soluciones in 2004, the companies did not offer enough quality in their products. We had knowledge and technology to develop and manufacture a new generation of products. Then, we were the first company to manufacture metal structures. In addition, it also was a personal and professional challenge very interesting.

    How do you feel that you have grown since you first got trade?

    Taking into account that Sismo Soluciones started at the beginning of the current economic crisis, we have gotten to grow year after year, and our satisfaction is very high and our policy is to follow working for growing more.

    How many people do you have working with you?

    Sismo Soluciones has a team of 8 direct workers and a set of strategic "partners" who manufacture our designs.

    What area are you based in, and, being such a widespread hobby, do you offer reasonable shipping rates to your customers??

    Yes, we do. In fact we have several rates for the customer in order they can choose the best one according to their needs, from National Post to some Shipment Agencies like UPS and DHL.

    What market are you looking for? (Boeing/Airbus builders, Generic, Other,s etc

    By the moment we work for the Boeing market, but in the future Sismo will also cover other markets.

    What are your main products that you sell, and how well do you sell them?

    Sismo Soluciones provides a wide variety of products 737NG, from the smallest components to a complete 737simulator. DST, Overhead and Pedestal are the most significant products, but also small items including them in the philosophy of offering different types of quality in order that the customer can choose the most convenient for him

    Are there any new developments that we should get excited about? If so, any information, or is that a secret?

    Our company is under a constant development R & D. We just launch the I/O Ethernet Simcards based in technology of the last generation at a very competitive price and we are currently developing modules and components to complete the 737.

    Have you got any special offers for simmers? Or anything coming up?.

    We are constantly getting offers for simmers which are published on Sismo Soluciones website, in fact there is now available a special Christmas offer. The method for the professional market is by offering personalized budgets.

    You can get more information about them from http://www.sismo-soluciones.com

    Some pictures are: