• New Staff Appointments at Mycockpit.org

    MyCockpit Staff Appointments

    It's a pleasure to introduce to you a new staff person, Trevor Hannant as MyCockpit's "vBulletin Advisor."

    I met Trevor through vBulletin Tech Support and Trevor is from the UK. Trevor has helped us on several occasions with some vBulletin anomalies. Through our communications I found, Trevor is a Flight Sim enthusiast. One thing led to another and here he is. I'm grateful Trevor decided to join our team, I look forward toward his interaction and advise.

    I asked Trevor to give us a short bio:

    "I've been an avid Flight Simulator fan since flying Airbus A320 on the Commodore Amiga back in the early 1990s. Now flying FSX Deluxe with an online community, I'm hoping to move from a 'desk cockpit' to something a little more extravagant over the next few years!

    I also work for vBulletin Solutions, the company who provide the software MyCockpit.org is run on having worked with the software on various other sites for over 8 years. I look forward to helping to keep the site running as smoothly as possible for Vybhav, Matt and the team and for all those who use it to either share their outstanding work or gleen as many snippets of assistance as they build their own flight deck.

    Trevor Hannant (Trev)"