• Your Donations Are Needed

    Your Donations are needed
    "An explanation"

    Donations come from non-members and members. Then there are members (not even a hand full) that donate on a regular monthly basis. We (mycockpit.org users), appreciate this tremendously. Of course we can't forget our volunteer staff, without them, it would be a horror to keep up with all the functions to keep the site running. I thank them with all my heart.

    Just a little statistics as of this writing. This year:

    PLEASE READ ON........ :

    • 48 donors have made contributions
    • 76 donations have been made
    • 91,000 visitors visit the site monthly
    • 9 million +++ hits in October
    As you can see, only 48 donors out of 91,000 visitors have donated this year. Advertisers are reluctant to advertise during these difficult times. Although most say they don't have too, they do business by way of word of mouth. BUT, where do you (the users of MyCockpit) find out about the vendors products? YES, right here. (free advertising for the vendor and they are non-supportive to MyCockpit.org).

    Just so you would know, ALL monies donated go directly to the expense of the operation of mycockpit.org and no where else. I will stop accepting donations, once we have enough donations to meet expenses. That's a promise.

    An example of expenses: Server lease and management for one year is approximately $4,000. That's just part of the many expenses to run MyCockpit and it's programs. We've been able to keep the expenses at a minimum, but as MyCockpit continues to grow, so does our expenses. Needless to say, our expenses to maintain mycockpit.org is much greater then $4,000.

    We need your help, and in particular, we need your donations, please.

    Matt Olieman