• New Staff Appointments at Mycockpit.org

    MyCockpit Staff Appointments

    We are Mycockpit.org are delighted to announce three additions to its staff. The new staff members viz., Ron Kratz, responsible for managing our front page and keep the page dynamic with the latest news and matters of interest about our community, Jan Willem Severijnen, will assist us in the forum moderation and ensure forum discussions are in the right spirit and tackle the spams and Jordan Clark, who will be responsible to improve our library of articles and get more information from Cockpit Vendors and much more.

    Ron Kratz

    Ron Kratz is an IT Manager living in Dallas, TX. He has flown a variety of flight sim programs over the years beginning in 1986 with a Commodore 64. He served in the United States Air Force for 6 years in the communications field, working on ATC equipment in control towers and command and control centers. This experience fostered his love for aviation and spurred him on to military flight simulations. As he fulfilled his enlistment and entered civilian life, he transitioned almost instinctively to civilian flight simulations.

    He has been involved in the Flight Simming community since 1998 where he began his virtual flying career. He served as President and CEO from 1999 until 2001 before a 6 year sabbatical. Today he is still an active member of the VA where he serves as VP of Corporate Communications and webmaster.

    Jan Willem Severijnen

    I live in the Netherlands and inherited my passion for aviation from my father. Sadly enough a job in the aviation business was not possible due to my lack of capabilities in science which became apparant in school. I got my degree in law at Leiden University and became a lawyer working for the government. Around 1995/1996 Flight Simulator entered my life and since then I upgraded each time until I got to FS9 (I have FSX but don't use it). In 2004 I started thinking about building a small cockpit and the first actual steps were taken in 2005 when I built my FMC. For some personal reasons the project came to a halt a couple of years but I picked it up again. Hopefully I will be able to finish it next year, but it takes a lot of time and I have plenty other things to do as well. I deeply admire the things I see fellow builders create and learn each day from them.

    Although I never became a pilot I enjoy every opportunity to get into an airplane. Highlights were entering twice the realm of Mach-2 aboard Concorde and flying a Tiger Moth myself above Duxford (UK).
    I am married to a lovely (and understanding) wife and have two children (whose concern about their inheritance has kept them from having me put into an insane asylum)

    Jordan Clark

    I a m 19 years old, from the south west in Devon, England! Ive been using a flight simulator for too many years to remember, and as i wanted to make my experience more immersive, i joined MyCockpit a year ago. Since then, I have felt that you, as the community of cockpit builders, have helped countless people like me to start and build a simulator cockpit. I want to give something back for all the help i have been given. This is where my new position comes in. i felt by doing this, i could help all of you learn more about the products you buy and the manufacturers that make them.

    Anyway, back on to me, im currently studying agriculture at a college not too far from me, i know, farming and flying, a bit of an odd mix! Currently I work at an organic dairy farm, but i wish to work with machinery and tractors, when I can find a suitable job. During the next 12 months, i have 'work experience' where i have to fulfil a certain number of working hours, but basically, its a year off! In a years time, i will be going back to study my last year of the course, and will hopefully pass! I have already gained an electrical installation certificate, and studied electronic engineering for a year, until i decided the course was not for me. This has given me quite a bit of knowledge in the sim building sector, and hopefully i wont be asking so many questions still! Anyway, i hope you enjoyed my little write up about myself, and i hope to hear from you all soon! And as always, Happy Flying!

    I am sure with the new additions and existing staff we at Mycockpit.org are set to continue to bring you the best content.

    Vybhava Srinivasan
    Executive Vice President - Administration