• New Product From Fly Elise-ng Team

    New Product From Fly Elise-ng Team

    Fly Elise-ng Team would like to bring to your attention the following shareware product release: Immersive Display Lite for FS9/FSX and X-Plane

    For all flight simulator setups using single of multi projectors.

    First of all I would like to introduce Fly Elise-ng. The Fly Elise-ng team is a group of three enthusiast devoted to building the Elise-ng simulator (http://www.elise-ng.net).

    The simulator has been build in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and when finished it will be made available to Eindhoven based flight clubs Eac-m (http://www.eacm.nl) and Eac-zc (http://www.eaczc.nl/)

    A lot of software and software tools have been developed for the purpose of the simulator.

    Recently we decided to make the software publicly available under a shareware license for the flight sim enthusiast who can find the software useful.

    Fly Elise-ng team just released the Immersive Display Lite.

    Immersive Display Lite is an interactive tool which allows manually warping the output of the flight simulators so that the image can be projected on a non planar surface. A number of drag-points are available which can be moved independently to allow for distortion correction when a planar image is projected to a non-planar surface.

    The software supports one, two and three independent warping grids to be used by one, two or three projectors respectively.

    FS9/FSX and X-Plane are supported in the initial version.

    For more information visit the Immersive Display Lite product page: