• pmFlight Update

    pmFlight UPDATE

    goes facebook also some new videos have been published to show snippets of typical flight details. An Airbus video is in progress and will be released this coming week. pmFlight was set-up to handle the simulator arm of Project Magenta, as well as all the software development work it handles, additionally to help towards the simulator upkeep. pmFlight was formed to handle sim time rental. Individuals and Pilots are starting to use the simulators more and more for their own freeplay and study or to complement their full course work.

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    pmFlight’s high fidelity 737 and A320 sims are said to be the UK’s best kept secret! Many pilots (private and commercial) plus enthusiasts are taking advantage to fly these devices now that are both affordable and easy to book and fly. We have customers not only from the UK, but also flying in from right across Europe, and also pilots flying in from Europe, doing sim sessions and then flying off to the Far East to do their selection interviews a few hours later!

    Facebook: just search pmFlight

    Videos: http://www.pmflight.co.uk/goto/promo

    Main website: www.pmflight.com




    Possible interest / customer feedback:

    Hi Jonathan

    Just to say a big thank you for the ride I did enjoy flying the 737 and I think the whole setup is a real credit to you and your team.

    Brian Jones, Instructor.

    Hi Jonathan,

    I just want to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed my 737 flight experience on Saturday. I was grinning the rest of the day and haven't stopped telling people about it since!

    Thank you for making my first flight so memorable.

    Cheers, Jack, Twomey – Aviation Enthusiast.

    Hello Jonathan,

    On my flight in the B737-700, I found all of the panels and flight characteristics to be accurate as per the real aircraft. The visuals and cueing motion were fantastic. I think this equipment is the ideal bridge between the FNPT II and the Full Motion Simulator. At the suggested price, it is a real value for money option for Flying Schools, Airlines and pilots in general at all levels.

    Tom McBennett – 737 Captain

    I'd like to thank you very much for your time with Graham and I on our recent visit. As I knew the 737 simulator engrossed us both, with a totally immersive experience which we will remember for a long while. Our tales have enticed another friend who would like to share a further session with me. He is also a lapsed PPL holder. I look forward to hearing your ATC again!

    Best wishes, Kevin Townsend – PPL

    I am currently a flying instructor at Leicestershire Aero Club flying light aircraft and was searching around on the internet for some simulator time in a jet aircraft just to keep my flying skills up. I was on a particular flying forum when one of the other members had mentioned pmFlight at Redhill Airport was a new company with excellent simulators and an excellent competitive rate compared to other simulator centres so I thought I would send them an e-mail and get some more details. Straight away I received an e-mail back from Jonathan Richardson (who is the in-house pilot and one of the owners of pmFlight/Project Magenta) with information and the cost of the simulator. I decided to book two hours for the following week.

    I turned up at PM Flight Centre where Jonathan was there to greet me and show me around the building and the simulators which I thought was excellent personal service. We then went through to the briefing area where Jonathan gave me a detailed brief of what we were going to do, we then jumped into the Boeing 737 simulator which was a complete replica of the flight deck of a real Boeing 737. As a flying instructor I understand that it is very important to get your instruction across in the easiest way that suites the student and Jonathan certainly did that, I was never unsure at any point at what I was supposed to be doing because of his excellent tuition. The time flew by in the simulator. Jonathan was very laid back and was never in a rush to get me out of the simulator. We then came out of the simulator and had a de-brief where Jonathan gave me some good points on how to improve my techniques with I was very grateful for. I left pmFlight that day with a massive smile on my face because I had flown a Boeing 737 simulator but also I had received an excellent personal service that was exceptional value for money.

    Since then I have been in contact with Jonathan to arrange a day for me and some of my students to come down to pmFlight to experience flying a jet aircraft because the price makes it affordable for anyone and they will receive a fantastic service. I can highly recommend pmFlight to anyone who wants to bring their flying skills up to scratch in a jet aircraft, anyone preparing for a simulator assessment or even if you have no flying experience and looking for a great day out.

    Martyn Lowe, Instructor