• New Tricks for an "Old Dog"

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    This article is inspired by Mycockpit.org members, Peter Dawson and Cnoppie.

    That expensive desk ornament that used to be your cradled PDA can now serve a useful purpose. SideWindow transforms your PDA into a virtual desktop extension, allowing you to drag applications such as your favorite picture viewer, media player and instant messaging applications to your PDA while freeing your main displays real estate for something more useful.


    • Supports all Windows CE devices.
    • Fixes "quit-after-whitescreen" issue
    • Supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP64
    • Better support for Wi-Fi.
    • No installation necessary on your PDA.
    • Cradle up and go! No messing around.
    • Supports high resolution (480x640).
    • Virtual Resolutions up to 768x1024.
    • Portrait or Landscape.
    • Use your stylus like a mouse.
    • Appears to Windows as regular monitor.

    An Easy User Experience

    Right from the get-go, SideWindow features a no-brainer user experience. Just sync your Pocket PC, and click on the pop-up balloon to extend you desktop to your pocket PC. Its that easy! The rest of the time, it just sits silently in your tray toolbar, and if you need to tweak your settings, SideWindow features a simple and easy to use interface to do so.