• Prosim 737 Releases Latest Download

    <div style="float:left;width:250px;height:150px;border-color:#AAAAFF;border-style:solid;border-width:0px;padding:0px; 0px 0px 0px;"><img src="http://marty.selfip.com/screenshots/splitAxis1.png" style="border-color: white;width:225px;height:125px;float:left;margin:5px 5px 5px 5px"></div>Prosim 737 has just released their latest download.

    The Prosim737 suite is a complete set of software tools to build an accurate replication of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. In combination with Microsoft Flightsimulator 9 or 10, it will allow you to build a simulator that is very close the the real aircraft.

    Before and during development of this suite, a number of key points were identified that the software should address. These are:

    1. Accuracy. The software should do its best to model real life behaviour of systems. This allows accurate failure modeling.
    2. Autopilot and Flight Director. An often neglected part of the autopilot system is a good Flight Director. The Flight Director is crucial in training and must be reliable. Autopilot functions should work like in the real aircraft.
    3. Reliability. Because of the complex nature of all components in use, it's easy to get lost in failures that are hard to track. The software should be fault tolerant and not rely on the operation of other components.
    4. Maintainability and configuration. Configuration must be straightforward without complex tasks. All navigation data should be in one place for easy updating.
    5. Usable for training. The instructor station must be usable from within the cockpit on a touchscreen and allow instant aircraft placement and other features without the need to use a keyboard. Preflight and route entry must be accessible from outside the cockpit.
    6. Friendly to cockpit builders. There should be no restrictive copy protection. Computers must be upgradable without loss of function and hardware bound keys.
    7. Modern technology. All data should be stored in XML and be editable. The main means of control should be via a web interface, so any web capable device can be used.

    Simulated systems

    • Electrical with electrics panel and maintenance mode
    • Pneumatic
    • Hydraulic
    • Fuel systems
    • Heating system
    • Dual IRS with drift
    • Fire panel with loop fault detection and testing
    • Master Caution/Fire Caution panel with 12 annunciators and cancel/recall logic
    • MCP/EFIS Panels
    • Custom autopilot with all 737 flight modes and CWS
    • Correct modeling of barometric v.s. MCP alt hold
    • Split axis autopilot capability with automatic transition out of CWS
    • Precise TO/GA modeling
    • Arinc 424 LNAV
    • TCAS II/7.0
    • CDU units via software/hardware or web
    • Strict CDU page modeling with ACT/MOD PerfInit logic
    • GPWS with inhibit switches and vocabulary test

    Supported hardware

    • Phidgets cards (fully supported)
    • Open cockpits IOCP server connections (indicators, switches and gauges)
    • Flight Illusion overhead panel gauges
    • Joystick button support (can be used to control switches)
    • Matrix Orbital displays (especially the VFD2041)
    • FSUIPC for sending arbitrary data to FSUIPC offsets
    • CPFlight MCP/EFIS
    • Opencockpits MCP/EFIS
    • Engravity CDU
    • Opencockpits CDU
    • CPFlight MIP
    • CPFlight Radio's
    • Cockpit sonic throttle via EHID driver

    Visit their website for more information.