• FSPS News Release - Release of FSX Booster

    Flight Simulator Platform Solutions (FSPS) News Release

    Flight Simulator Platform Solutions is pleased to announce the release of FSX Booster.

    Welcome to FSX heaven!

    Now there is no reason to try to find FSX tweaks over the internet. Each person's computer is different, so what works for one person often won't work for you.

    FSPS - FSX Booster has been designed keeping in mind the thousands of possible hardware configurations. The special software analyzes your computer hardware in depth (CPU, GPU, memory, hard disc speed and etc.) and sets a number of documented and undocumented tweaks to the correct values that is optimal for your PC.

    No technical knowledge is needed. Just execute FSPS - FSX Booster, then FSX and enjoy it with the maximum frames and smoothness you can get from your PC

    Download your demo now